I began this post about 3 weeks ago and never released it. I’m reviewing it now with a few updates.


Update: The date for an invasion set by the US for Feb. 16 (Russia set to invade Ukraine on February 16: Report) came and went. The Russian response was to ask Biden for new dates: Russia Asks Joe Biden for Next Ukraine Invasion Dates So They Can Coordinate Vacation Plans for Moscow Officials.

The situation in the Ukraine is easing but still tense from the US perspective. Apparently Europe does not want to side with NATO, the US and UK on antagonizing Russia unduly (A War Only America & Britain Seem to Want). In a remarkable event, Croatia even said they would not participate in a war in the Ukraine: Russia-Ukraine Crisis Deescalating As NATO Countries Break From Bellicose US-UK.

Germany and France were trying to approach the conflict with dialogue: France’s Macron takes own path, seeks dialogue with Russia. Even the Ukraine wants the US to dial back the rhetoric: Ukraine Pushes Back Against American Hawks.

However, the US adopted a hard-line stance and walked away from the talks: NATO Allies ‘unsettled’ With ‘one-sided Ideas’ Floated By US In Talks With Russia: Report. Onlyd the Balkan states, particularly Latvia, do not want to accommodate Russia in any way: NATO Row Erupts As Latvia Blasts Germany’s “Immoral & Hypocritical” Russia, China Ties.

In the meantime, the US is ratcheting up the tension in Eastern Europe: US Asks Hungary To Host Troops Aimed At Russia, Despite Long Snubbing Orbán.

I have tried to present the other side of the conflict, that of Russia’s security concerns. Here is an essay which speaks further on the Russian point of view: The Other Side of the Story: Russia’s view on Geopolitics, War and Energy Racketeering.

In summary, although the US and the UK (NATO) want to continue the aggressive NATO expansion into the Ukraine, the European allies would prefer to reach an amicable agreement with Russia. A war over the Ukraine would lead to the destruction of their economies for the third time in just over a hundred years with only the US and the bankers benefiting. As well, half their natural gas comes from Russia. A disruption of this supply would bring down their grids and the population would freeze in the dark.

This conflict is not going anywhere unless the US starts it, with a false flag event if necessary.

Vaccines and Myocarditis

I continue to see reports of vaccine-caused myocarditis on a regular basis. Here are a recent few:

Vaccine Injury

I also continue to get reports on other vaccine injuries. When they dribble in one at a time, it’s often not worth an in-depth article but ii is worth raising awareness and capturing the references. HEre are a couple:

Here is the latest Open VAERS data:

Links to Articles of Note


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