Ukraine Update

Putin’s Speech of February 24, 2022.

Unlike American and other Western leaders, Putin is direct and means what he says. For Russia, this is an existential issue and battle. If you understood the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 except it is considerably more critical in scale.

Salim Mansur Framing the Current Conflict in Historical Terms

And here’s a comment from Martin Armstrong: Putin Offers Peace – Zelensky Declines.

US Bioweapons Labs in the Ukraine

I have previously referenced US bioweapons labs in the Ukraine. In the following video Victoria Nuland speaks of these facilities. Her reference to a false flag attack by Russia is overshadowed by the CIA’s use of false flag attacks throughout recent history.

More Background Material

If you want to be fully informed of the recent events of the last 10 years, watch this video by Oliver Stone, courtesy of Ben Swann (there’s a 1 minute add that you have to listen to before it starts)

Ukraine on Fire – powered by

Here’s more commentary on the current sutuation by Pepe escobar: Cutting Through the Fog Masking ‘a New Page in the Art of War’.

The DeSantis Virtual Symposium on COVID Mandates

Governor Ron DeSantis held a virtual symposium with a variety of front-line doctors and experts. The focus was an analysis of the failure of COVID policies.

Canada Stands Against Authoritarianism – Just Not at Home

Canada’s Prime Minister has finally taken a stand against authoritarianism – anywhere except in Canada.

It’s nice that Justin wants the people of the Ukraine to “be free to determine their own future”. I guess since he is busy determining the future of Canadians, they don’t need that freedom. He is “taking these actions … to stand against authoritarianism” after governing Canada for two years in such a manner under emergency legislation.

In another photo-op he goes on about the egregious actions taken by a country whose name I will let you guess by its government’s actions.

The transgressions that he lists include:

  • “violation of the rule of law” such as the recent seizure and freezing of people’s money without any due process or right of appeal.
  • questioning “might might be right once again?”, probably rhetorical given his recent exercise of it under the Emergency Act.
  • noting that “this is a moment to stand for democracy against disinformation, misinformation, propaganda” as leader of a government that practices all of it in any domain that it has a governing interest.

Others seem to have a problem with the actions of the federal government. For example: Emergencies Act: An Autocratic Suspension of Civil Liberties Is a Dangerous Failure.

Links to Articles of Note

  • Cryptocurrencies. Martin Armstrong forecasts the end of cryptocurrencies. The point is that the state is all powerful, something which the average Westerner can’t get their mind around. The End of Cryptocurrency Coming? The article goes on to link the war with the intentions of the WEF. The WEF needs to bring Russia down (then China) because it is outside their sphere of control.
  • Vaccine heart damage. In a large study, Observational Findings of PULS Cardiac Test Findings for Inflammatory Markers in Patients Receiving mRNA Vaccines, the authors found: “In conclusion, the mRNA vacs numerically increase (but not statistically tested) the markers IL-16, Fas, and HGF, all markers previously described by others for denoting inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle, in a consecutive series of a single clinic patient population receiving mRNA vaccines without a control group“. The study was challenged and corrections made. In short, the mRNA damage heart tissue.


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