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AIDS-like Vaccine-related Disease

In my COVID research in early 2020, I came across a paper written by Indian scientists and published as a preprint on January 30, 2020. I’ve cited it at least twice on this site and won’t go looking for it again. The paper identified 4 insertions into the SARS-COV genome for which the authors could only find a homologous match with an HIV virus.

Dr. Paul Cottrell, also found this HIV insertion and has discussed it in many of his subsequent videos one of which is shown below. In this video he discusses the deleterious effect on the immune system by repeated applications of the vaccines. The resulting degradation of the immune system makes the body more susceptible to opportunistic infections and cancers in the same manner as HIV infections. That they share a common receptor binding domain homology is not a surprise.

Vaccine Related Deaths

I have discussed the anomalous rise in deaths reported by the insurance industry in previous posts. Here is a pair of articles that continue this discussion. The links are to videos that won’t allow me to embed them in this post.

The first video is Todd Callender: Genetic-altering Vaccines Could Nullify Human Rights. The second video is COVID Vaccine Genocide: Massive Spike in Deaths Could Sink Life Insurance Carriers.

Just before publishing I got this video Relevant part starts at 1:55:

Ukraine Update

Lacking any other news of note, I present our favourite satirist, JP Sears, explaining the Ukraine situation:.

Links to Articles of Note


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