More Ukraine Background: The One Video You Should Watch

Here are two more videos from a friend, TJ, on understanding what is behind the conflict. TJ introduces the first video by:

The first is a lecture by Dr. John Mearsheimer. It is very good! He reviews the history, the national/International dynamics and without going into too much detail, he, I believe, paints the real picture of the political and security concerns that Russia has. You will not hear his view expressed by the US government or in the mainstream media. I, by and large, agree with his assessment. I found his lecture quite helpful. Mind you it was 6 years ago, but much of what he shared has held true.

In one of these two videos a timeline is laid out of the events leading up to the orange revolution and the coup that occurred in Ukraine. I found this very helpful to actually see what the United States did, what Russia did and what happened in Ukraine.

Although this video was made in 2015, the overall picture is consistent with all the material in my articles in this series (listed below). The actual talk ends around the 46:00 minute mark.

Here’s the second, with TJ’s introduction:

The Second video is sort of a roundtable discussion via zoom. Most everyone in the discussion is well studied on the subject of Russia, the United States, Europe and Ukraine. Again, I agree with their point of view. Also, they had Eisenhower‘s daughter on for a short segment to comment. They also had a gentleman who made a few brief comments who was the translator between JFK and Khrushchev.

You know really I should say this one thing, I’m glad that everyone involved in this discussion was not young, but rather was older and seasoned. It was encouraging not to hear ridiculous, unrealistic, post-modern, woke thought injected into the conversation.

Articles in This Series

I’m receiving good background information almost daily. This is distinguished from news from Ukraine since I have found no reliable source un-coopted by authorities for propaganda dissemination.

  1. Ukraine: A Larger Perspective
  2. Ukraine Update, COVID Deaths, and US Bioweapon Labs
  3. More Ukraine Background; COVID Mandates; Trudeau
  4. Ukraine; Trudeau, Freeland and the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Party
  5. More on the Ukraine Situation and Vaccine Deaths

Links to Articles of Note


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