Ukraine and the Neo-Nazis

An early account of Putin’s instructions for conducting the campaign was to avoid civilian casualties and unnecessary damage to property. This meant a slow protracted campaign which the West has interpreted as evidence of military failure. This article discusses the approach: Kremlin Responds To US Claim Putin “Frustrated” Over Ukraine Operation, Says Military Was Told ‘Avoid Storming Major Cities‘.

In terms of speculation as to why Putin initiated the campaign, here’s an article that presents several possibilities: Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?. I guess you can pick your favourite speculation.

Recall when Prime minister Justin Trudeau associated Jewish MP Melissa Lantsman as standing with those who wave Nazi flags.

Well our Janus protégé actually does this: Trudeau, Freeland met with Ukrainian neo-Nazi party cofounder. In the article, Freeland looks right at home. It’s also interesting to see how Freelands office worked to get the article ‘edited’ to be innocuous, as recounted by the article’s author in this video:

Links to Articles of Note

  • Financial Market Crisis. I don’t usually cover this topic on my blog but there is a crisis in progress in an obscure corner of financial markets that could blow the whole thing up. It is a result of the sanctions placed on Russia and it is caused by turbulence in commodity markets. Nickel has skyrocketed to pricess never seen before causing margin calls for short sellers that in this case could not be met and required unusual actions to prevent a default that had the potential to bring down the London Metals Exchange. Pozsar’s “Margin Call Doom Loop” Prediction Comes True As Trafigura Faces Billions In Margin Calls. THIS IS NOT FINISHED!.


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