The clotting property of the mRNA spike protein (S) is well known in the scientific literature and in reports from medical practitioners. The series that I wrote on the danger of the vaccines contains some of these references. The root article is Understanding the Danger of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines and contains a list of the series articles at the end.

This clotting is the key story for today. As more research is done, much more will come out about this potentially lethal property.

Blood Clots from Vaccines

In previous posts, I had published a couple of videos of Steve Kirsch interviewing morticians that were reporting abnormal blood clots, some up to a couple of feet long or more. At the time I noted that we needed a pathologist to examine such clots. Now we have this. Here is Dr. Ryan Cole discussing the clots:

There are a number of crucial things to note.

  • You can live with microclots, at least for a while, but they kill off tissue leading to death.
  • The clots appear to be cumulative with doses.
  • This is not the classical clotting pathway of events leading to a clot.
  • In an experiment,t spike protein was observed to begin creating clots immediately – “instant clumping” – after introduction into blood plasma.
  • The clots could form without the normal blood platelets using fibrin.
  • The clots are formed by an amyloid protein and the body is not breaking them down.
  • Dr. Pretorius showed that the spike is self-inducing the clots.

Another interview with the scientist Dr. Resia Pretorius, cited by Ryan Cole discusses clotting mechanisms.

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Music for You

I have included music in the past, but not lately. A new recording from Fountainview Academy was published today. It is my favourite group of young people receiving musical training as part of their high school curriculum. In this case it is a vocal solo.

I discovered Michael Eldridge maybe 3 years ago. He is my favourite a capella singer, having a wide enough vocal range to sing 4 parts as a virtual quartet. His latest work also came out today.

I find his recent work has a more balanced mix than his early work. In this piece, thee alto line can be clearly heard; or possibly my ear has become more acute.

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