Ukraine Update

The Russophobia created by Western authorities through their captive media has resulted in truly bizarre and idiotic manifestations across the populace under psychological control of their governments. My favourite is the ban on a Russian breed of cat from international competition.

One of our favourite commentators, Paul Joseph Watson, gives us insight into the fate of hundreds or thousands of cognitively impaired Westerners flocking to the Ukraine to fight the bad Russians.

Nuclear War

A few days ago I pubished an article, More on the Ukraine Situation and Vaccine Deaths. In it I introduced the spiritual dimension of the war, focusing on the Fatima prophecies. Today Glenn Beck (I follow him too although I don’t agree with all his positions).

I Introduced Dr. Taylor Marshall in my earlier post as a person analysis the current pope’s proposed consecration of Russia. He discusses how and why previous attempts have failed and express his concerns about the current attempt. Since he is publishing daily on this matter, you can follow him yourself at Dr. Taylor Marshall.

In the next video he introduces a speaker knowledgeable in the prophecies who explains where we are positioned today. I will give my analysis after.

As I have stated, I have investigated the Roman Catholic Church and particularly the current pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in The Catholic Church. Bergoglio is fundamentally a Marxist/communist alligned with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF is in the advanced stages of creating a global communist government under the UN, in which sovereign nation states cease to exist. As in any communist society where the state owns everything – for the ‘common-good’ – and you’ll own nothing and be happy.

I can’t help wondering whose underwear I’ll be wearing if I don’t own my own. They have a plan to get you to this state. It will probably involve re-education camps for those who are less than ecstatic. I digress.

Bergoglio, Pope Francis, has moved the RC Church from a God-centred Christianity position to a humanist position which is the human-centred position of the WEF. His theology embraces all people of all beliefs and non-beliefs as the new religion under the WEF.

The latest text for the consecration is “Mother of God and our mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.” (See Pope will consecrate humanity, ‘Russia and Ukraine,’ to Mary, text says).

If I am correct and the Fatima prophecies are real, prepare for nuclear war.

One last video on the topic is an interview of martin Armstrong by Alex Jones. Armstrong touches on the issue of war and his computer program models a war cycle.

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