The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains current and historical maps of US drought conditions. Here’s the map for March 15, 2022. Clicking on the image should take you to the current interactive map.

The current conditions above are likely to worsen according to NOAA’s current drought outlook.

The outlook for the planting season in the second figure suggests a slow start and potentially sub-optimal yields, all other factors not being considered.

Other factors Affecting the Food Supply

Farmers globally, prior to the Ukraine conflict, were facing higher prices and tight supplies for fertilizer. Now that Russia has placed an embargo on fertilizer to non-aligned states, the supply problem will be exacerbated. This will depress crop yields by percentages in the double digits.

Further, we are seeing countries restricting grain exports either as part of the sanction system or out of concerns that a country may not have enough for their own people.

Taking into account all factors, expect higher food prices, shortages and quotas as well as mass starvation in poor countries.

Humour for You

Being short on news of note, I’ll offer a recent video from our favourite satirist, JP Sears.

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