Do You Have Life Insurance?

If you took the jab, the answer may be no. Watch this video.

Were you properly informed by those who persuaded you to take the clot shot? The FDA originally described it as “experimental” in the original emergency use authorization (later the word “experimental” was scrubbed from government websites). To date we have no longitudinal safety studies (and at this poit can’t have any because you would never be able to create an unvaccinated control group).

So the vaccines are still functionally experimental. At some point when the burden of claims becomes too high, insurers may either cancel your insurance or simply deny payment if you pop off. Look for court battles around this issue.

Hunter Biden and the Ukraine

I have not commented before on either Hunter Biden or his infamous laptop. But since he is inextricably intertwined in events in the Ukraine I give you this video. And no it does not contain the pornographic selfies that he took with underage girls.

The opening speaker missed the US as playing a central role and one arguably larger than China’s. It’s probably not an oversight since he is a US government official spinning the US official statement of propaganda. Still, you can pick fundamental facts out of the spin.

Links to Articles of Note

Here I’m capturing older articles about the Freedom Convoy that i will not now use.


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