The classic film The Matrix offers a good metaphor for society today. In the film. humanity is kept in bondage by a psychological illusion. Each individual has their own illusion but it is controlled by an AI (artificial intelligence) program to ensure that the individual never wants to leave it.

The character Morpheus is an individual who has transcended his own illusion and escaped the Matrix. In perhaps the most famous scene, he offers the neophyte, Neo, a choice between a red and a blue pill. The blue pill will return him to his illusion and the red pill reveal the secrets of the Matrix. Here’s that scene.

To build the metaphor, the Matrix is the globally integrated matrix or structure, of governance, technology, and media which has been constructed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) over the last few decades. It is nearing completion.

You are born into this matrix. Your parents live in it fully, each with their own variant of a fundamentally cohesive basic narrative. Your teachers live in it and educate you into it. It is an elaborate narrative that is the governing program of your life. Your government, through its captive media, maintains and modifies it according to current government objectives and needs.

There are many who have extricated themselves from this matrix – narrative – often with the help of those who are farther along and offer a red pill of the truth that they have uncovered. Dr. Robert Malone relates his experience of being ‘red pilled’.

My website and blog chronicle my journey of discovery of truth to the extent that I have been able to determine it. Many have completed a similar journey in parallel such that there are now may good sources that report better than I do.

I am going to change my focus for this site. I’ll continue sharing links to important articles and work of others; but there will be a fundamental underlying shift which I am still pondering. In the meantime, as a gift, here is a red pill.

Primary Sources to Follow

These are what I consider to be the best sources for information that are outside the matrix.

  • Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics. He is probably the most deeply and widely connected individual that you an access. He has a free blog and a subscription service called Socrates. I subscribe to both.
  • Gerald Celente of Trends Research. Possibly the best forecaster of trends in all areas of society. He publishes a weekly Trends Journal of more than 150 pages for less than the price of a cup of coffee. I’m a subscriber.
  • Dr. Robert Malone publishes daily on substack. He has both free and paid subscription offerings. At least read his free stuff. A must-follow source on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and vaccines.
  • Steve Kirsch publishes daily on substack. He has both free and paid subscription offering. At least read his free stuff. I believe he made enough money in the tech sector that he can employ a small research team to do cutting-edge expose articles.
  • ZeroHedge is a news aggregator and republisher for many awake (not woke) individuals who have their own sites. I use their free services which might present 100 articles a day, but they have an enhanced paid subscription also.
  • Catherine Austin Fitz has a paid subscription called the Solari Report. She probably offers free content.
  • Off Guardian is a group of writers, most of whom I read whenever they publish due to the depth of thought that they bring to the table. They ask for a monthly donation of $1. You don’t have to pay it but they deserve the modest reward for what they offer you.
  • James Corbett of The Corbett Report offers the best in-depth reporting on focused topics, usually spanning multiple videos over time. I think I’m subscribed at $1 / month.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Free stuff is good but the best deserves to be paid for. You can’t have these sources resonate with you and remain in the matrix.

Additional Sources

These sources I follow but find either occasional or inconsistent in benefit.

  • Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog hosts two interviewees a week and provides a weekly news wrap-up, all free. I have major issues with some of his interviewees.
  • Pepe Escobarwrites at the Asian Times. He has good insight into issues involving Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • The Vineyard of the Saker is a site that has good coverage of Eastern European and Russian issues.
  • Caitlin Johnstone provides opinion that I always find interesting.
  • I always read Tom Luongo of Gold Goats ‘N Guns.
  • James Howard Kunstler publishes on the Clusterfuck Nation Blog and is also someone that I read.
  • Jim Quinn publishes on The Burning Platform. He is an advocate of The Fourth Turning.
  • Tony Heller for a longtime has deconstructed false climate reporting. He was evicted from YouTube, a sign that he was touching raw nerves. I don’t know where he can be found now.
  • Stefan Molyneux I don’t follow any more but he is definitely red-pilled having been evicted from YouTube quite a while ago.
  • Canuck Law does really good in-depth research on Canadian issues. He’s not publishing much at the moment which may reflect a change in his personal life.
  • Epoch Times exists as a print newspaper and in digital formats. I find their rporting reasonably unbiased. If you have to hold actual paper, you can get a print subscription delivered once a week by snail mail. They have a wide international presence. We are subscribers.
  • Rebel News is a growing alternative media source with reporters on the ground in Canada, Australia, and great Britain. I subscribe to support them. This is real in-your-face reporting.
  • True North is another small Canadian media source that covers current critical issues in depth. Subscriptions are tax deductible. I subscribe to support alternative media in Canada.
  • Finally, for Canadians, watch Clyde Do Something on YouTube. The guy has a job and a family so not much time for reporting but he researches his stuff and is very very good.

Get rid of your TV service. Cancel your legacy print media and tear yourself away from Facebook. If you have not done so, it’s time to leave the nest=matrix and fly on your own.

Links to Articles of Note


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