What Is In the Vaccines?

This is a question that has been asked since the vaccines got EUA designation by the FDA. Although the manufacturers published a list of ingredients, many believe that the list is incomplete. Further, they did not provide a description of the exact mRNA genetic code with associated nucleotides.

There are many claims of finding graphene oxide (search my site for my research on graphene compounds) and other chemicals in vaccines. I initially investigated a couple of claims and considered them inconclusive. Since as I understand it, drug companies are not required to report proprietary ingredients, there may very well be additional substances that are undeclared. I would listen to a competent authority who would isolate and chemically analyze any such compound.

Dr. Robert Malone has taken a different approach. He extracts key observations from recent papers about the function of a synthetic nucleotide called pseudouridine or Ψ. It appears to have been used in substitution for the natural uridine nucleotide in the creation of the synthetic mRNA used in the vaccines.

In the first half of his article, When is mRNA not really mRNA?, he gives his background in gene therapy research. In the second half, he draws out some key characteristics of Ψ. Key points follow.

In the abstract to the paper by Borchardt et al, Regulation and Function of RNA Pseudouridylation in Human Cells, the authors state:

The known molecular functions of pseudouridine, which include stabilizing RNA conformations and destabilizing interactions with varied RNA-binding proteins, suggest that RNA pseudouridylation could have widespread effects on RNA metabolism and gene expression.

Borchardt et al

Since RNA is fragile and is degraded by the body quickly, the vaccines have to solve 2 problems. They have to stabilize the viral RNA when they create the mRNA package for the vaccine. And the mRNA when introduced into a cell must deactivate the cellular protein pathways that inhibit viral replication and lead to triggering an immunological response. It seems that Ψ may perform both functions.

Malone concludes:

… based on these data it is my opinion that the random and uncontrolled insertion of pseudouridine into the manufactured “mRNA”-like molecules administered to so many of us creates a population of polymers which may resemble natural mRNA, but which have a variety of properties which distinguish them in a variety of aspects which are clinically relevant.  These characteristics and activities may account for many of the unusual effects, unusual stability, and striking adverse events associated with this new class of vaccines. These molecules are not natural mRNA, and they do not behave like natural mRNA. 

Malone in When is mRNA not really mRNA?

As a note, the authors in the relevant papers note how much is unknown about the actions of Ψ in the human body.

Dr. Ryan Cole supports Dr. Malone’s analysis: mRNA Vaccines Produce Persisting Spike Protein, Likely Causing Clots, Heart Inflammations, Cancers: Dr. Ryan Cole. Cole relates that “a German professor, Dr. Arne Burkhardt, found in his autopsy study that the spike protein could persist in the human body for as long as 128 days“.

Manufacturing Issues

There have been many claims of contaminants in vaccines: read Human and animal vaccine contaminations, Contaminants Found in Pfizer Vaccine in Japan, and FDA Finds 60 Million COVID Vaccine Doses Were Potentially Contaminated: Report.

Further, research has shown that there is a wide variation of adverse effects reported among batches with their associated batch numbers: EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data. The article raises a number of critical questions. I have also seen an app that allows you to search associated effects with your own batch number.

Apart from modifications to the manufacturing process itself, something which reveals poor quality control, one is left wondering if the vaccine composition was altered between batches.

The Snake Venom Claim

More recently, Dr Bryan Ardis, a retired chiropractor, has caused a stir by claiming that the vaccines contain snake venom. In the video which I saw, he drew a number of conclusions using faulty reasoning and the flack of understanding of underlying biochemical processes associated with COVID-19 and the spike protein. Here’s the video.

I don’t plan to dissect the video by separating truth from untruth but will leave Dr. Paul Cottrell to do that.

In the following short video, Cottrell explains the fundamental errors that Ardis made.

An even more thorough refutation of the snake venom hypothesis is given by Dr. Chris Martensin in the following video:

The number of illogical inferences that Ardis makes is high. Some require sophisticated understanding of molecular biology but some are accessible by a common sense analysis by the average person who is capable of critical thought.

It should be noted that Ardis has his own company and line of health products that he peddles as “The Anti-V Collection : ArdisLabs“. I’m sure sales havn’t suffered from the current notoriety.

US Bioweapons Development Background

Kevin Shipp is an ex-CIA operative who has gone public. He has pieced togethre the background of the bioweapons program in the US. Here is his podcast describing what he has put together.

CAH_Loophole.mp4 from Kevin on Vimeo.

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