A good overview of the situation to date is given by Jim Rickards: Time to Get Real About Ukraine. Key points he makes are:

  • The Russians view territory strategically and temporary loss or gain of territory does not affect their overall strategic plan of conduct.
  • Casualty rates are 8-10 Ukrainians per Russian.
  • Russian has moved in 300,000 fresh troops and material in preparation for a major winter offensive.
  • Putin’s miscalculation is described in an explanation of the early execution of the war.
  • Comments on the position of Western neocons and the benefits too the US military/industrial complex.
  • Weapons sent to the Ukraine are old and obsolete equipment.

Martin Armstrong, an internationally known forecaster with many contacts in both the Ukraine and Russia, gives his current comments on the conflict: Zelensky – The Man Behind World War III.

My two best sources for information on the conflict are Col. (Ret.) Douglass Macgregor and (Major) Scott Ritter. Judge Andrew Napolitano regularly hosts both. Here are the latest podcasts that he has published. The first from 5 days ago is of Macgregor (26:12 minutes):

Ukraine Says Russia Shifting Away From Bakhmut

Current estimate is 150K Ukrainian soldiers killed and 300K wounded. Macgregor gives an update on Russian preparedness.

The second podcast with Scott Ritter (16:18 minutes) was released 3 days ago. It contains comment on the Ukrainian strike on the Russian barracks:

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