If you get your news from the Legacy or Mainstream Media and social media like Facebook, your understanding of current events will be mostly the government propaganda line. Governments are increasingly limiting all forms of expression of opinion except the ones that they approve of. What you believe about the Ukraine is a carefully scripted narrative that is largely false.

The purpose of this series of articles (as with all that I write) is to present alternative opinion and information from sources that you are unlikely to find yourself. As with all that I write, I try and provide links to my sources and the reference material that I use. You are being prepared for war.

I began thinking about aspects of the WWIII topic more than a decade ago when I started blogging. I believe that WWIII has now begun. The Ukraine is the current major theatre of operations but there are others which I hope to cover. Virtually all involve one protagonist in particular, the global hegemon, the USA.

Background of the American Involvement in War

This is a vast topic of which I will touch on salient points as I see them.

One could make the argument that WWII never ended for the US. Almost immediately it shifted into a cold war with the USSR and Russia. It’s vast intelligence apparatus was mostly created after the war and is active today in all theatres of global conflict. The CIA was officially created in September 1947 from assets that were developed during WWII and before. Similarly, the NSA was created in 1952 for signals intelligence. Today the US intelligence community has grown to 17 agencies.

The US maintains over 1000 military and intelligence agency bases globally and may deploy special operations units anywhere at any time. Official counts and counts from independent sources vary (United States Military Bases With Map (Update 2023), The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases (2018), U.S. Special Operations Forces Deployed To 70% Of The World’s Countries In 2016 [Infographic] (2017), etc.). And then there are those that they don’t want you to know about.

Of interest to me is the vast array of underground installations that the US has constructed in the USA (Military Underground Bases In The USA – Complete List. (2021). This is a big topic in its own right but not directly relevant here except as war preparation.

The American’s initiated WWII with Japan by imposing an embargo on the importation of oil into Japan, strangling its economy. The Japanese were forced to try and destroy the American Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour but didn’t get the carriers that were out at sea. The US initiated the Vietnam war by fabricating the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The Iraq war was initiated based on the claim of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ of the Iraqis, none of which were ever found.

Today, the US occupies parts of Syria for its oil fields, maintains bases throughout the Middle East, and and is the principal protagonist in the Ukraine, in part through NATO, its foreign legion (through the Atlantic Council, Washington, DC).

In the following sections I offer a list of all articles that I write for each of the three principal areas of conflict. Articles will appear most recent to oldest but some of the oldest articles may have the most substance.

General Articles on WWIII/Nuclear War

The Ukraine Conflict

In February 2022, Putin announced a ‘Special Military Operation’ to secure the safety of ethnic Russians that made up a large part of the Donbas region. Historically, Ukrainian nationalist under Stepan Bandera instigated ethnic cleansing of Jews, Poles, and Russians during WWII (The Historian Whitewashing Ukraine’s Past), and appeared to be threatening such again. I have provided considerable background material for this conflict in the following articles.

Articles Under This Topic

Recognizing that this is a large accumulation of articles, many of which are just current news at time of publication, I have marked key articles with an *. These articles contain the accumulated background story of the conflict. A single source would be one of the may interviews with or lectures by John Mearsheimer.

The Mideast and Iran

This area is a tinderbox and I will start covering it. Many of the players are involved in the Ukraine conflict in some capacity. There are many ongoing ethnic, religious, and territorial conflicts in the region that heat up from time to time. However, if Iran becomes engaged in a major kinetic conflict with another player, a regional war may break out involving many if not all of the players. It might also be a sub-conflict of WWIII.

Articles Under This Topic

China, Taiwan, and North Korea

This is a conflict that is currently at a low level. I am watching it and may write occasionally about it.

Articles Under This Topic

Links to Information Sources


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Henry Nicpon · January 9, 2023 at 11:00 am

Thanks Ian !

JIm · January 25, 2023 at 5:43 pm

I would contend that we never really ended WW 1 in fact…

    The POOG · January 25, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    I have said that about WWII but I could agree with you on WWI

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