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The following video that I came across (45:12 minutes) is of the American-Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett, who went to the Donbas to see what was going on for herself. She relates personal experiences in areas after artillery attacks. She refutes many of the Western claims of atrocities allegedly committed by the Russians by going to the locations where incidents were said to have occurred. The West has ignored the Ukrainian attack on civilians in the Donbas, particularly of the Nazi Azov battalion, since the coup of 2014.

In the following interview of Martin Armstrong (55:12 minutes), Armstrong goes to the heart of the issue, that of the American neocon’s agenda of dismantling Russia and seizing control of its energy and other resources.

Current News

Mostly since last post.

The world is at a ‘turning point’ — is Canada’s military ready?

Earlier News Articles

I have accumulated several months of links to news items which I will start to report here beginning with the oldest. You may view them as for information only since old news is rarely of interest until you want to reference it.

Announced Aid to Ukraine to Date

I’ve accumulated most of the announced aid to Ukraine from the US and other sources. There may be duplication in that aid announced in one package may also be part of another. I’ll leave it to the reader to try and compile a total tally if desired. I’ve tended to focus on dollar amounts and not equipment transfers that are also extensive. Listed in most recent to oldest.

From USA

From Other Sources

Articles In This Series

Refer to the series index in The WWIII Chronicles.


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