Ramzy Baroud, in ‘Not A Justification But A Provocation’: Chomsky On Root Causes Of The Russia-Ukraine War, reviews Chomsky’s views on the Ukraine war. Chomsky refers to the NATO antecedents provoking Russia and the US involvement. Baroud goes on to refer to the heavy censorship that the US – and the entire West – is using against its citizens to shape the public view of the war.

Below is a video (20:36 minutes) by John Pilger. He gives a very clear picture of why things have happened by presenting the Russian point of view and the factual basis behind the conflict.

Here is a recent video (9:49 minutes) in which Scott Ritter provides some background relevant to motivation of Putin’s actions including a reference to Angela Merkel’s recent admission that the Wrdst had no intention of honouring the Minsk Agreement which they had signed with Ukraine and Russia (Former German Chancellor Merkel admits the Minsk agreement was merely to buy time for Ukraine’s arms build-up). The lack of Western untrustworthiness and the absolute Russophobia of Zelenski and Ukrainian officials make peace negotiations impossible.

Scott Ritter: United States Lied To Russia From Beginning Of The War !!! Putin Was Mislead

In the following video, Col. Douglass Macgregor corrects some of the misconceptions that the West holds about Russia (14:48 minutes).

Douglas Macgregor: Underestimating Russia Is Bad Idea For The West, Tough Christmas For Ukrainians

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