I’ve discovered a great new source of current battlefield info called WEEB Union. Don’t ask me what the name means. Here is a report from today (5:43 minutes). Russia is advancing across the entire southern front.

MAJOR UPDATE | Russian Breakthrough Zaporizhzhia Front | Significant Advances Southwest of Bakhmut

Also today, Gerald Celente interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor. Celente unfortunately spends too much time on his own views and you might skip the first 2.5 minutes. Macgregor discusses the conditions the Ukrainians are fighting under. Zelensky is conscripting and sending virtually untrained teenagers to the front lines. Here’s the video (31:33 minutes):


WEEB Union gives an analysis of Valery Gerasimov’s military strategy (1:01:50 minutes). Gerasimov was recently put in place by Putin to take over overall command of the war. WEEB discusses the published analyses of warfare strategy and how they fit with the current war.

I did find the distinction between military and non-military warfare to be instructive. I believe I had made the distinction as kinetic versus other forms of warfare like cyber or economic warfare. If you’re not a military aficionado this might be a bit much for you.

The Grand Strategy of Valery Gerasimov

Martin Armstrong gives a brief update on the issue of what might be called Zelensky’s sanity: Will Zelensky Resign?

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