During the Trucker Protest, certain members had all there financial assets frozen. Subsequently it has come out that the five main banks were willingly complicit in the process. The government quiclly backed off due partly to international condemnation and partly because they had what they wanted – proof that it worked.

Now the process may be being refined and used in a quiet and subtle implementation. A current case was raised by True North: “Diagolon” founder Jeremy MacKenzie de-banked by Scotiabank. Canadian dissident Jeremy Mackenzie has been ‘de-banked’ by the Bank of Nova Scotia.

That the decision was made at the local level seems improbable since Mackenzie was a long-term customer, presumably in good standing. It remains, therefore, to determine at what level in the bank the decision was made and what, if any, was the government involvement.

The case is discussed by ‘Clyde Do Something’ in an interview with Mackenzie in the following video (16:21 minutes).

Canadian Banks are Now Banishing Political Dissidents from Holding Accounts – Jeremy MacKenzie

Here’s the implication of this act. After the month that he has been given, unless another financial institution will take him on, he has no means to collect his government pension. He will not be able to use cheques. He will not be able to make mortgage or credit card payments. He will not be able to pay utility bills unless he can pay in person in cash. But since he cannot enter a BNS premises, he cannot get access to his money unless an ATM is accessible.

If the bank is operating under government order, the same conditions will arise at any of the other banks and possibly at all credit unions. It is not that he has offended the government because the government is an institution void of feeling, emotion and morals. However, there are a few evil, vindictive, immoral individuals, as we saw during the Trucker Protest, who are likely initiating this. Their authority has been challenged and they are showing that they are in control. “Be a good sheeple or we cull you from the herd. We don’t have to kill you. We can simply cut off all access to any means of survival.”

When – not if – the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is implemented with a necessary digital ID system, you will come under the direct control of the government. You can easily become Jeremy Mackenzie.


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