Before I get into NATO directly, I’ll do a quick Ukraine update.

Ukraine Update

Next is a short video (8:22 minutes) of the front lines courtesy of WEEB Union. Since he publishes one or two updates a day, I’m using the latest at the time of my publication around 10:00 on the 25th. I’ve been following these reports for about a week. The front line moves back and forth as the Russians attack and the Ukrainians counterattack. The net result is a Russian advance.

Full Front Update and Analysis 25/1/23 | Fighting Over The Highground Commences

He gives a really good analysis intermixing topographic and aerial detail. Also from Scott Ritter is this 27 second video of a German parliamentarian stating that Germany is at war with Russia: morning a
Germany declares war against Russia

Next is the latest detailed report that I have from Scott Ritter (37:12). Scott touches on some of the dissention in the top levels of the Ukrainian hierarchy caused by the disastrous cost of the war in terms of human and infrastructure capital.
Internal Political Conflict in Ukraine

Next is the most recent interview with Col. Douglas Macgregor (30:41 minutes):

3:00p est Ukraine Russia War Latest w. Col. Doug Macgregor

There seems to be some realization that NATO countries sending increasingly heavy weapons such as battle tanks to Ukraine are an act of war. The West is realizing that despite their propaganda, they are losing their proxy war. Macgregor references the moves that FDR made to goad the Japanese to attack the US Pacific fleet causing WWII. He draws a parallel with the Ukraine.

I’m adding this article that outlines NATO’s expansion: ‘Not One Inch’: A Brief Look at the Written Record. An even beter chronology is given by Jeffrey Sachs: The Real History of the War in Ukraine

Current News

The NATO Involvement

In 1991, NATO pledged to the Russians not to expand NATO (West promised not to expand NATO – Der Spiegel). This pledge has been repeatedly dishonoured up to the current invited inclusion of Sweden and Finland. As reported in ACURA ViewPoint: Guest Post by Branko Marcetic: Diplomatic Cables Show Russia Saw NATO Expansion as a Red Line, this is a red line that the Russians have finally confronted NATO over.

US officials were aware, or were directly told over the span of years, that expanding NATO was viewed by Russian officials well beyond Putin as a major threat and provocation, that expanding it to Ukraine was a particularly bright red line for Moscow …


The ACURA article reviews the more recent events between Russia and NATO.

Increasingly, it is being admitted that it is the US and NATO that are at war with Russia and not just Ukraine. The evidence to support this assertion is the massive amount of financial and military aid that NATO has provided Ukraine from before the start. This aid has been given to the Ukraine since the US-engineered coup in 2014.

Accumulated NATO News

You should by now understand that the war in the Ukraine is an implementation of US and NATO policy and was well planned. Choose your side with care.

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