The introduction of evil into the world is being conducted in a manner so subtle than most people can’t recognize or realize it in a serious sense. This introduction has accelerated such that we are approaching a climax. I present two videos to help identify a few examples of the multitude of evils that should be called out.

In the following video, Glenn Beck calls out specific manifestations in our society of evils committed on our children but increasingly accepted (8:07 minutes):

  • Gender modification, particularly of children.
  • Exposure of children to sexually explicit material.
  • Paedophilia and the sexual abuse of children tolerated.
  • Euthanasia of children (Canada).
The normalization of THESE movements PROVE we’re facing EVIL

The following video by Pastor Jack Hibbs is both a salvation message and an indictment of of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF) (1:34:10). He invites Charlie Kirk to discuss the WEF. Since it’s a long video I will extract the key points that the WEF is instituting.

At the 9:56 mark Charlie begins talking about the WEF’s plan for the world. A key point that Charlie makes is that he thinks the people at Davos and the WEF believe that they are doing the right thing.

Starting at 27:12, Charlie discusses the plans for building the new world order with a 2030 set of goals summarized next (source: WEF: Private Property And Privacy Will Vanish By 2030):

  1. People will own nothing. Goods are either free of charge or must be lent from the state.
  2. The United States will no longer be the leading superpower, but a handful of countries will dominate.
  3. Organs will not be transplanted but printed.
  4. Meat consumption will be minimized.
  5. Massive displacement of people will take place with billions of refugees.
  6. To limit the emission of carbon dioxide, a global price will be set at an exorbitant level.
  7. People can prepare to go to Mars and start a journey to find alien life.
  8. Western values will be tested to the breaking point..

This is pure communism in a global fascist state through the UN.

Finally, I present a recent talk by Father James Altman speaking of the many diverse sources of evil in our current times, especially those connected to the Great Reset. In particular, he calls out the evil manifest in the highest echelons of the RCC of which I have written much (46:38 minutes). Be warned that he is a dynamic entertaining speaker.

Global Reset and the New World Order | Fr. James Altman

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