The War with US and NATO

Russia has made it clear that it understands that Western intentions that have existed for decades mean that Russia is at war with the US and therefore NATO (read Russian Diplomats Issue Dire Warnings that War with US Is Close). The way that the West has responded to Russia’s Limited Military Operation is in fact an act of war. Blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines can be interpreted in no other way as an act of war.

Here’s another article arguing that WWIII has begun: French Historian: World War III Has Already Begun

Douglas Macgregor notes that one of his Russian sources says Russia is on a war footing preparing for a 30 month war with US/NATO. Here’s the video (30:16 minutes):

Ukraine, Ammunition, Tanks & the Russian Offensive – Col. Doug Macgregor

Here’s the latest interview with Scott Ritter (28:28 minutes):

The Russian Offensive in Ukraine – Scott Ritter

Nord Stream Update

Pepe Esobar adds some interesting commentary to Sy Hersh’s story (we covered in Nord Stream and WWIII) with his article Nord Stream Terror Attack: The Plot Thickens. He says that Hersh ommitted a lot of surrounding context on the Washiington power group.

In the following video from the Duran, there’s a wide-ranging discussion of the geopolitics around the Nord Stream and the Ukraine war (1:32:29 minutes).

And here’s another Duran post with Alexander Mercouris.

Current News and Views

The Frontline As I Publish

18 hours ago (8:12 minutes)

Full Front Update 16/02/23 | Russian Offensive Further Intensifies | Front Analysis

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