There is so much critical news these days that I need a new presentation format. Normally I build a post over several days, usually 4 or 5. This allows me to accumulate enough material to create a substantial article. But odd items that I don’t normally report on don’t fit this format. Therefore, today I am starting a frequent news and op-ed post.

Correcting a Fake News Item

I got a link from a friend today to a twitter post that has a video of Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO saying that Pfizer have a plan to “reduce the number of people in the world by 50%”.

Something didn’t schmel (pun intended) right about it. With a bit of research i found the actual video of Bourla speaking (go to the 1:40 mark).

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla – Planned To Reduce 50% Of World’s Population? [What?]

This kind of trickery we need to leave to the CIA and the MSM.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Digital ID

This is a topic that I’m tracking but have not written on. Before the dust settles it will have impacted you significantly. The government wants to ID you and with that ID, require it for every currency transaction that the government will then record. Cash will be eliminated and as the video below explains, the government will finally have total control over you.

Clyde Do Something ran a video today on Canada’s implementation of the WEF’s CBDC project. In it he has a video clip of Neil Parmenter, CEO of the Canadian Banker’s Association, speaking about its alleged benefits. He notes that the WEF has said that banks “should lead the path forward” on digital IDs. This is being carried out through Canada’s Fintech companies (Canada’s Top 50 Fintech Companies and Startups For 2023)

At the 11:03 mark he shows a video clip of a lady named Pelham posting on Twitter. She outlines the downside of the digital ID system (you should watch at least this part).

Here’s the video (13:43 minutes):

Digital ID Pilot Project to Launch in 2023 – Canadian Road to Chinese Style Social Credit System

Working Around a CBDC

The intent of the CBDC is to eliminate all other forms of transaction, notably cash. However, one writer recently noted that Americans are ingeniously inventive. The widespread and careless use of antibiotics has created new species of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The CBDC will do likewise.

Early examples are “wooden nickels”, a kind of token, and depression script (Depression Scrip – Coming to a Region Near You). In the early days of bank notes, individual banks issued their own. Examples are pricey collector’s items now. It would be a long exposition on what would be required to create what would be an accepted underground currency. So I’ll wait for the smart ones to figure it out.

I do expect it to ultimately be a failure but one creating immense personal and societal harm Like EVs and the green revolution. In the meantime, here are some ideas to counter it: How To Resist CBDCs—5 Ways You Can Opt Out of This Dystopian Future.


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