I have in the past alluded to multiple new types of warfare or new perspectives and applications of older forms of warfare other than kinetic warfare for which I have erroneously used the term asymmetric warfare. A more accurate term for this is 5th-generation warfare although its employment is usually asymmetric. It also has a different scope of application which will be explored herein.

In Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare, James Corbett explains the concept and gives some examples such as:

  • information warfare;
  • neurological warfare;
  • biological warfare; and
  • economic warfare.

I would add terrorism, cyber, technological and psychological warfare when applied by one state to another. But he is using the term for the types of warfare used by the state against its own people.

Corbett uses a definition of fifth-generation warfare from an Al Jazeera article:

The basic idea behind this term [fifth-generation warfare] is that in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerrillas, but in the minds of common citizens.

Source: James Corbett and Al Jazeera

He presents a very real war that engages you the reader in many ways and on many levels. Read his report to start developing an understanding.

Next is a later video by James on the topic (28:07 minutes):

Dr. Robert Malone describes the term in a similar manner: as a psychological attack on the individual by institutional actors, be they the state, the corporation, or other powerful entities. In the video in his Substack article (42:52 minutes) PsyWars: Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty, he says of it that “the battle field is your mind”. In another article, he elaborates on the concept: Welcome to Fifth Gen (Information) Warfare.

Additional Articles on 5th-Generation Warfare

These will be added as I find them.


5th-generation warfare is the use of “military grade psyops” to control your mind. You have been a victim of it all your life. Both Corbett and Malone state that the process of disengaging from it begins by choosing to do so. Your goal should be to become a sovereign individual, one free from the control of foreign influences. The state may physically control your body but if you choose so, they cannot control your mind. If you are reacting to an influence you are under its control. “Think for yourself”.

In a second audio presentation titled 5th-Gen Warfare Terms and Tactics (18:40 minutes), Robert gives a further description of the tactics used against you.

This is a lot to process. I’m thinking that this may be one of the most important articles that I have written.

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