One of the purposes for my doing this series is to build a sequence of “things which must be hereafter. (KJV)”.

Chapters 4 & 5: The Lamb

Taylor Marshall’s Commentary on Chapters 4 & 5

Continuing with his study and commentary on the Book of Revelation, Taylor gives us the next video on Chapters 4 and 5 (46:48 minutes). These chapters give us a view of heaven.

Revelation Ch. 4-5 The Lamb and Liturgy of God (Catholic Apocalypse Part 3)

Of the 24 elders, Taylor gives several possible meanings of the phrase all of which are correct and have a priestly connotation. About the 19:50 mark Taylor has a discussion of faith and works, probably the most important discussion a Christian can understand. It is something you want to get right.

After talking on the two chapters he spends some time expounding on the meaning of the “Lamb of God”.

Pastor Paul LeBoutillier’s Commentary on Chapters 4 & 5

Here is the video (47:49 minutes).

Revelation 4 & 5 • A throne and a Scroll

Additional Commentaries on Chapter 4

Additional Commentaries on Chapter 5

Chapters 6 & 7: Seven Seals and Four Horsemen

Taylor Marshall’s Commentary on Chapters 6 & 7

The next video (54:40 minutes) begins with the opening of the seven seals and the four horsemen.

Revelation Ch. 6-7 Four Horseman and Seven Seals (Catholic Apocalypse Part 4)

The Four Horses

The horses representing events on earth occur in order because the seals that release them are opened in a very deliberate order.

  1. The first seal and the white horse symbolizing the spread of Christianity to all nations.
  2. The second seal and the red horse symbolizing the removal of peace and of war.
  3. The third seal and the black horse symbolizing failure of the economy causing death.
  4. The fourth seal and the pale (green) horse symbolizing death in many forms.
  5. The fifth seal represents the persecution of the Christian church and the martyrdom of baptized Christians.
  6. The sixth seal represents God’s great vengeance. Verses 12-15 describe an event where the sun is darkened, mountains are moved, there are great earthquakes and stars fall from heaven. This fits with the geomagnetic pole shift (currently in progress) and the coming micro-nova (follow the catastrophe series summarized in The Earth Disaster Documentary at Suspicious0bservers).

The closing verses of the chapter reference the souls who have borne great suffering for their faith and are now before the throne of God. The goal in life is not to avoid or remedy suffering and discomfort but to allow it to strengthen our faith. A comfortable life does not cause one to seek salvation and eternal life in heaven.

Pastor Paul LeBoutillier’s Commentary on Chapter 6

Here is his video on chapter 6 (42:59 minutes).

Revelation 6 • The Tribulation Period Begins

Pastor Paul LeBoutillier’s Commentary on Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is an interlude where Christ sets a seal of protection on the righteous. Here is his video (41:20 minutes).

Revelation 7 • Who are the 144,000?

Additional Commentaries on Chapter 6

Additional Commentaries on Chapter 7

My Comments: Where Are We with Respect to the Seals?

The seals are not like light switches where you flip the switch and immediately have light. The opening of a seal initiates a process which may take time to begin, to grow, and to extend over time in its execution. For example, a disease epidemic begins with one person known as patient 0 and spreads reaching a climax sometime later before slowly burning itself out. Other events, however can be almost instantaneous. For example, an X50 class solar flare, when its emissions reach the earth, will take down the grid globally in a few minutes.

First and Second Seals

The first seal is essentially accomplished with the global reach of Christianity.

At this point, we are on a global scale. Mankind has always been at war somewhere, but WWI is really the first global war. So we might say that the second seal was opened early in the 20th century. Since WWII, the US has been almost continually at war. Right now there is a not insignificant chance that we will soon be in WWIII. That the seal has been opened does not mean that war will at some point end before the end of times.

Third Seal

I would argue that the third seal was opened in August, 1971 when President Nixon ended the convertibility of U.S. dollars into gold. This enabled the printing of unlimited amounts of money creating a massive debt bubble which could implode at any moment. Economies will be destroyed and with the collapse of financial systems, many people will die.

An alternate date for the third seal might be the founding of the US Federal reserve in December, 1913. This might require us to move the 2nd seal to earlier than 1914 and WWI.

Fourth Seal

The fourth seal and the pale horse are somewhat nebulous. Pale is not a colour. Rather, it is a property of all colours. That it represents many forms of death, we might tie it to the agenda of the World Economic Forum which was founded on 24th January 1971.

Otherwose, to chose a specific time, we might pick the release of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in late 2019, the associated social disruption of lockdowns and other population control measures, and the release of the mRNA vaccines whose lethality is still emerging. UN/WEF policies against agriculture are leading to famine in many countries.

5th and 6th Seals

The 5th seal has been broken but I can’t point to a specific event or time. We began to see the persecution of the church in the latter part of the 20th century. Religion was gradually removed from schools. In Canada over the last two years, approximately 100 churches have been burned and law enforcement isn’t giving the issue much attention.

The global socialist/communist revolution as a consequence of ideology is repressing Christianity. We do not have active persecution leading to martyrdom yet. The Muslim countries have created martyrs in small numbers for years but I think this is separate from an open application of it in the West.

The 6th seal has not as yet been opened, but when it is, I believe it will have an extremely quick impact. All will know that there is a problem.

A Remark

We deal with the seventh seal in the next part which introduces the Great Tribulation. I find it difficult to square the events with the sixth and prior seals with those of the seventh seal in terms of the calamitous events and deaths given the magnitude of the events prophesied.

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