Here is the latest commentary from Col. Douglas Macgregor (19:53 minutes).

Ukraine Russia War – One Year in Col Doug Macgregor

Also, here’s the latest word from Scott Ritter in a first anniversary summary (27:23 minutes):

First Anniversary of Ukraine War

Current News and Views

The Frontline As I Publish

Most recent (16:34 minutes):

Assault on Bakhmut Update | Detailed Operational Analysis | Bakhmut Front Recap 23/02/23

Here’s a recent longer post that discusses longer term strategy. We see a picture of ‘WEEB’ but i still can’t find his name. It’s interesting that he looks at larger geopolitical issues that might impact the war (1:05:46 minutes).

Ukraine War Front Recap | Wagner Ammunition Issues? | Offensive Not Happening? | Latest News

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