Things feel like they are moving faster than ever. I publish an update and it has gotten so that I immediately start building my next one. The battle for Bakhmut which started in May should be over soon. WEEB Union reports that it is operationally encircled. Militarily it has been poor strategy on Ukraine’s part to hold it at any cost. The remaining cost will be the 10K-20K Ukrainian soldiers estimated by WEEB to be virtually trapped there. There was another dictator back in the 1940’s that insisted on making such bad strategic decisions.

Sweden is not a NATO country although it has applied to be one. So why not widen the war: Sweden To Send ‘Around’ 10 Leopard Tanks, Anti-Air Systems To Ukraine.

Pepe Escobar comments on Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly: Putin’s ‘civilizational’ speech frames conflict between east and west. It outlines the forced economic and political shift of Russia’s attention from the West to the East. This is an important read. As Escobar translates from Putin’s address:

Translation: this war will be long – and painful. There will be no swift victory with minimal loss of blood. The next moves around the Dnieper may take years to solidify. Depending on whether US policy continues to cleave to neo-con and neoliberal objectives, the frontline may be displaced to Lviv. Then German politics may change. Normal trade with France and Germany may be recovered only by the end of the next decade.

Source Pepe Escobar

Putin is saying that the long-stated goal of being able to end the war at the Dnieper river may be impossible to achieve depending on NATO. In that case Lviv would be the stopping point which is essentially the Polish border.

Latest Reports

From Scott Ritter (1:11:24 minutes)


Next is a presentation of WEEB Union in which we get both an analysis of a Danish public update from the military, but indirectly, information on WEEB himself. In this respect, he seems to be the most prolific of a group of four guys reporting on the fighting. One is named Alex who reports as HistoryLegends, but we don’t see WEEB’s name. He reports in English but in this video he understands Danish. This goes along with his knowledge of Russian and presumably Ukrainian.

It’s amusing in the video to see the Danish majors struggling to apply lipstick to a pig. Here it is (37:46 minutes):

Bakhmut Analysis Featuring Historylegends | Reaction

From the new source, HistoryLegends, here’s an example of his reporting (16:57 minutes):

HAVE FALLEN Krasna Hora, Paraskoviivka & Berkhiva

Current News and Views

The Frontline As I Publish

Most recent (3:22 minutes):

Full Front Update 26/02/23

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