Here’s an interview with Martin Armstrong on the global context of the war (1:37:10 minutes):

In this weeks interview, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Col. Douglas Macgregor discuss the Russian offensive. It has been going slower than initially expected for a number of reasons, one of which is the unusually mild winter which has left the ground unfrozen, deterring mechanized units.

Other comments include a note that the West is winning the media war while Russia is winning the military conflict. The war’s end is unclear but it may require taking Kiev and going to the Polish border.

Ukraine is DESTROYED, there’s nothing left – Col. Doug Macgregor

A recent video interview by Napolitano featuring Scott Ritter is shown next (23:14 minutes). They discuss a rumour of rebellious sentiment among the Ukrainian soldiers trapped in Bakhmut. They discuss Russian mobilization for war. The Poles are the closest of NATO countries to be preparing although Denmark may be beginning to think that way (Denmark’s new government drops public holiday to boost defence budget).

Putin: This is a Global Conflict – Scott Ritter

I’m adding a new source from one of Judge Napolitano’s contacts. He is LTC Anthony Shaffer, a retired US military intelligence officer (23:06 minutes). They discuss, among other things, the presence of foreign military or contract military specialists out of uniform to maintain and support and possibly operate the more advance equipment provided by NATO.

In Ukraine the Fighting Remains Intense

Current News and Views

The Frontline As I Publish

Most recent (11:05 minutes). WEEB discusses the different military units in terms of training on the Ukrainian side.

Wagner Chief Claims 2 Days Left For The Fall of Bakhmut | Bakhmut Front Update 03/03/23

My new source, Alex of HistoryLegends, does not report as often as WEEB but gives longer analyses with a bit more drama. Here’s his latest (16:58 minutes):

Wagner Assault Units SWARM North BAKHMUT

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