While Ukraine at present remains a regional war, the Middle East is another potential place for a regional war also. In my estimation from news articles, the likelihood of war is high and increasing. It’s time to begin coverage. The main protagonists are Israel and Iran. Below is a map of the Middle East so that you can locate the agents for any conflict.

Source: desertbruchid.net, McGraw Hill

Background of the Iran/Israel Conflict

I have not been collecting articles on the regular provocations of Israeli attacks on Iran. Nor have I been following the intricacies of nuclear negotiation. However, James Corbett discusses some of the recent events that have lead up to the current stage of conflict. In particular he gives the factual basis behind the protagonists’ nuclear development (26:17 minutes).

In short: Israel, not Iran, is the real nuclear threat.

Current News and Views

I have only a handful of collected articles for background research. The interested reader can easily find hundreds on their own.

Articles In This Series

Refer to the series index in The WWIII Chronicles.


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