The likelihood of nuclear war in the next three years is very high. Why, I won’t get into here. Rather, I want to reassure you that survival odds for most people due to a nuclear blast are high and with some preparation, you can improve your personal odds.

A global nuclear war will largely be over in a few hours. A surprise first strike that will totally eliminate an enemy’s ability to respond is virtually impossible. The enemy will have sufficient warning to launch a totally devastating counter strike. So both sides loose. What capability is left after the first few hours will leave the combatants with the difficulty of finding targets that remain. Also, they may lack the the command and control systems to effectively carry on the war.

So your preparation is preemptive. If you live near a major military installation, especially any connected with nuclear capability, move. You’re at the top of the target list. At the top also are the seat of government and the financial system. If you live in Washington DC, for instance, don’t bother prepaying your funeral expenses. There will be no one around to bury you.

But apart from being too close to a primary target, with a few simple and inexpensive preparations along with a strategic plan, your problems of a nuclear explosion will largely disappear within a few days. The nuclear winter myth remains just that. In the following two videos, Chris Martenson gives instructions for preparing a proper shelter to weather the short-term (fallout mainly) effects

Here is the first video (32:09 minutes):

Surviving a Nuclear War – Episode 51

And here is the second (12:49 minutes).

As Nuclear Conflict Threatens, Learn What You Can Do

In the following article, martin Armstrong gives ideas of how to prepare for a nuclear attack: Do Not Fear Nuclear War – You Can Survive!

Next is an interactive map. Enter your location, a couple of parameters on the bomb to be evaluated and you get a map of the blast zones. The most difficult aspect of using it is to choose targets of high strategic risk nearest you. Nukemap

The kind of hope we carry is reflected in this video about the Wolves Of Chernobyl (56:39):

Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl Scary Mutations Full Documentary

Here’s a second video on the topic that I’m including because I enjoyed it (50:30 minutes).

Wildlife Takeover: How Animals Reclaimed Chernobyl | Free Documentary Nature

Your Real Risk

One aspect of a nuclear attack will be the execution of a couple of high altitude blasts that will create a devastating electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Such a pulse is not limited to a nuclear attack but may come from an X-class solar flare similar to the one that caused the Carrington Event in 1859.

An EMP can cover a large part of a continent. The expectation is that the grid will collapse and the damage may take weeks to months to repair – if at all. All electronics will be fried. You’ll need to have a team of horses to move you around in your car. No electricity for a month or more will cause a societal collapse. The majority of the population of the West will die due to starvation, violence from marauding people desperate for food, fire, and disease.

I hope you are now in the camp of the anti-war protesters. Cheering on for a victory over one side is cheering for your own demise.

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