I’m trying to report on a key fraction of critical events which are or will be affecting your life in a major way. In the past three years I have spent a couple of thousand hours on the COVID plandemic. A year ago, being overwhelmed, I stopped writing for a few months although I continued to bookmark material on key topics. I have several hundred articles bookmarked on the vaccine adverse effects and deaths. I will only likely use them now if I have to defend myself in court.

The Ukraine war I took up early and it dominates my writing as a component of the steady move into WWIII. At the same time, I started a series on the war between Good and Evil. It is the top level of conflict governing everything else below it. A third category of research that I have several dozen articles on but haven’t until now written about is the destruction of our food supply under the bogus claim of ‘climate change’.

The UN and particularly the World Economic Forum (WEF) are behind it. Cow farts allegedly are raising the global temperature so they want us to get off meat and eat bugs (while they enjoy filet mignon). They have a term for us: ‘useless eaters‘. There is a low profile segment of the elites that also want to depopulate the planet, a topic for another day.

Refocusing on the food supply, we find that several hundred food storage and production facilities have been destroyed, most by fire. This stopped being a coincidence a long time ago. We have seen the deliberate reduction of food production by limiting or banning the use of fertilizers. Dutch farmers are seeing the government seize their farms and take them out of production. Incidentally, they are a major source of food for the rest of Europe.

In the following video, James Corbett gives a good summary of this attack (46:00 minutes).

The unnecessary COVID policies that destroyed the world economy, at least as a fine-tuned just-in-time supply management system, has created many of the supply shortages we see in the supermarket. But the specific attacks on food are creating many of the ongoing shortages. An example is the cost of eggs in parts of the US due to the destruction of one of the largest egg producers.

Natural weather events are always a challenge for farmers. Changes in the interaction between the sun and earth are contributing to a more volatile weather regime (it’s not CO2 and it’s not you). Expect many countries to begin experiencing famine this year as existing food supply stores are consumed. This will lead to civil unrest, violence and war.

I hope you are beginning to understand why this is a critical topic to you.


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