Bakhmut is the site of a battle that has been going on since last May. The city is now almost encircled by the Russians. There have been conflicting reports about a Ukrainian retreat. There have also been conflicting reports of disagreement among the top generals whether to retreat or stand and fight. The latter seems to be the current position. It seems improbable that Bakhmut wont fall so what then is the Ukrainian strategy?

Current Commentary

In a video today, LTC Tony Shaffer and judge Napolitano discuss the American position which seems to be the neocon one of fight to the last Ukrainian (21:07 minutes). They discuss implication of advanced weapon systems and the presence of American military personnel.

How strong is Putin’s Army? – w/ TONY SHAFFER

We have this video from Scott Ritter (29:44 minutes). He describes the modernization of the Russian military. Of the current issue of China supplying ammunition to Russia, he thinks it is not in Russia’s best interests. He also discusses the possible end point for the war.


Putin’s Address to the Federal Assembly on February 21, 2023

Here’s a transcript of the speech. It lays out the reasons for instituting the Special Military Operation (SMO). There is nothing new in this speech as it summarizes events and facts that lead up to the SMO.

The conditions for an end to the conflict can be found from these remarks:

  • The greater the range of these systems, the further away we will be forced to move the threat from our borders.
  • Of the “citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk and Zaporozhye regions“, “we will continue our program of social restoration … and … to bring back the factories and the industry“.

However, earlier statements from the Russians include other conditions on any remaining Ukrainian state. It may not become part of NATO. It must be de-nazified and demilitarized.

In short, the war will end not before the Donbas and Crimea are secure and a buffer is created around them at a minimum. In Scott’s video above, he discusses this. Rather than a focus on the war Putin focuses on the future of Russia and especially the economy.

Putin ends his speech underlining the West’s goal of dismembering Russia and the need for nuclear arms control.

Overall, if Putin can achieve half of what he plans, Russia will surpass the West as a free and desirable place to live.

UN Charter Article 51

Here is the text of Article 51, Chapter VII — Action with respect to Threats to the Peace, Breaches of the Peace, and Acts of Aggression:

Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.

Charter of the United Nations

When he announced the SMO, the Putin was very careful to adhere to its conditions of application.

Current News and Views

The Frontline As I Publish

Most recent (10:28 minutes).

Wagner Captures Eastern Bakhmut Ukraine Refuses To Retreat and Plans A Counterattack | FFU 07/03/23

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