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The Duran has a very long panel discussion around the war, its conduct and wider geopolitical implications, particularly with the coming war with China (2:10:11 minutes). These are guys with very informed and thought-out opinions. For almost anyone in the West it’s worth the watch.

Bakhmut heats up w/Brian Berletic and Gonzalo Lira (Live)

Alexander thinks that it is improbable that Washington can get the Poles to continue the war after Ukraine falls. And it is unlikely that Germany let alone other NATO countries would support it.

Next is the weekly interview with Col. Duran Macgregor giving the latest update on the war (34:48 minutes):

Russia Strikes Kyiv, Odesa & Kharkiv – Col Doug Macgregor

And here is the weekly video with Scott Ritter (25:18 minutes):

Heavy Bombing Continues in Ukraine – Scott Ritter

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The Frontline As I Publish

Here is a report from yesterday which I am using because it gives an in-depth analysis of the fighting over Bakhmut (17:47 minutes).

Wagner Advances Further North of Bakhmut NATO Claims City Could Fall Within DAYS

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