Chapter 12: A Woman Clothed with the Sun

This chapter is about the woman who is Mary, Mother of Jesus. It describes the battle with evil that results from the birth of Christ ( 56:36 minutes).

Revelation Ch. 12 Our Lady of the Apocalypse (Catholic Apocalypse Part 7)

The birth of Christ is the event that creates a war in heaven resulting in the Devil and his angels being cast out upon the earth. It is noted that he now has a “short time” before the final judgment and must act quickly to destroy believers.

Taylor points out a remarkable thing in verse 17. We true believers are all children of the Holy Mother! I had never caught this before.

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Chapters 13: A Beast Named Blasphemy Having the Number 666

Here’s the video for Taylor’s mark of the beast chapter (57:53 minutes).

Revelation Ch.13 The Sea Beast, Land Beast, & Mark of the Beast (Catholic Apocalypse Part 8)

I distinguish between the political acts of Israel and those of the rest of the world. I do not comment on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian or Iranian people. Israel is God’s to be judged by and I would not presume to prejudge God. In this chapter there are separate beasts – Satanic powers or rulers – for the Jews and the rest of the world.

In the modern age, a digital ID, which will allow for a Central Bank Digital Currency, is being implemented as we speak. This will allow the state to control all commerce. What form it will take is not clear at this point but I would not be surprised to find its identification reducible to the number 666 in some way.

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Chapters 14: The Fate of Jerusalem

The 144,000 and the fall of Babylon (59:45 minutes).

Revelation Ch.14 Lamb on the Mountain with 6 Angels against Babylon (Catholic Apocalypse Part 9)

As I was reading the chapter, something stood out to me in verse 1: having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. Normally we use the preposition “on” to describe the placement of the seal suggesting an outward sign. But here the preposition used is “in”. Perhaps it’s a translation anomaly, otherwise it would be significant. The same use is found in verse 9 and also in 7:3.

The early Catholic Vulgate bible uses the Latin “in” which can be translated as “in” or “on”. Other common bible versions including the NIV and the New Oxford use “on”. Strong’s concordance of early Greek uses “on” or “upon” (epi). I guess “on” it is.

Taylor discusses the decision that we all must make. Do we accept the spirit of the lamb or do we receive the spirit of the world which is manifest particularly in preoccupation with social media, digital entertainment and popular activities that capture our attention and therefore devotion.

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