The bible in Genesis (and therefore Hebrew scripture) tells us nothing about Enoch as a person other than that “He walked with God”. However, there is a set of 7 writings over a period of several hundred years that present a depiction of Enoch and his works. Much scholarly research has been done on these writings. An overview of this research is presented in the following video (23:32 minutes). In summary, the book of Enoch is not part of the canon, the sacred scripture of either Christians (except the Ethiopian Church) or the Jews.

In this video the narrator reviews the body of scholarly work examining the origins and time of writing of the 7 sections of the book. He presents the arguments as to why the book is rejected as part of scripture. For Christians the most problematic aspect is the reference to Enoch as the Messiah. The reader is therefor cautioned against giving its contents the weight of scripture.

The Book of Enoch Examined

In the following video (14:50 minutes), background on Enoch is presented. It goes on to describe the fallen angels and their works.The video describes how we can walk with God as Enoch did. Given that, the writings were familiar to the fathers of the early church. Finally, the video gives a brief overview of the five sections of the book.

The reference to aliens at the end of the video I consider to be dangerous ground. There is too much available on the internet that can lead one into a very dark mental realm without escape. I have a neighbour who has made such a journey.

The Book of the Watchers – the Fallen Angels

Here is the Book of the Watchers (the first Book of Enoch chapters 1 to 36) (narration 54:28 minutes).

THE BOOK OF THE WATCHERS | Book of Enoch Part 1 | Full Audiobook with Read-Along Text

Chapter 1 (0:37) describes the final judgment of the end times.

Chapters 2 (2:44) to 5 give a brief description of heaven and of the earth as God created them.

Chapter 5 (4:14) also describes the fate of those who follow God’s commandments and those who don’t.

Chapters 6 to 8 (7:10) describe the descent or fall of the 200 angels who interbred with the “daughters of men” in the time of Jared, Enoch’s father. Their offspring were the Nephilim or giants. All that these angels taught mankind is described.

Chapters 9 and 10 (10:47) introduce the archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel. God instructs them to destroy the fallen Watchers and their deeds.

Chapters 10 and 11 (12:57) describe a resultant earth purified by righteousness.

Chapters 12 to 16 (18:48) describe Enoch’s meeting with the fallen Watchers and a dream in which he takes God’s judgment to them.

Chapters 17 to 19 (30:36) describe Enoch’s journey throughout the earth to a place of fire where Watchers and humans alike who have transgressed God’s laws wait for the final judgment.

Chapter 20 (35:25) introduces the seven holy (arch) angels. Gabriel is the angel over Paradise.

Chapter 21 (36:30) introduces the underworld through which Enoch travels accompanied by archangels. First he goes to Tartarus and then Sheol. In chapter 22 (38:29) is Sheol, a place where all souls are held until the great judgment. It is divided into four places, three of which are for souls according to the nature of their sins. One place is for the spirits of the righteous. Another is for the spirits who have not had judgment executed on them in their lifetime. The third is for a different class of sinners which I do not understand.

Chapters 23 to 31 (41:36) relate other places further on Enoch’s journey. Some are accursed where souls will be destined for ever. Others are are fruitful and beautiful.

In chapter 32 (49:32) he comes to the Garden of Righteousness in which is the tree of wisdom or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Book of Genesis. Chapters 33 (51:04) to 36 conclude his journey.


There is certainly symbolism that I do not understand. The early chapters provide another account of the creation, the fall of man, and the fall of the angels following Satan in rebellion against God. Their offspring with human women are the Nephilim or giants. The account fills some of the gaps in the early chapters of Genesis while corroborating other aspects.

The rest of the book describes Enoch’s tour of heavenly places as well as the underworld, accompanied by archangels. I found the description of places in the underworld where souls reside until the final judgment. The place of the righteous I take to be Paradise. The other two places may be for the unsaved who don’t know the Lord, and for those who know of the Lord and transgress in any case.

This goes alongside of my study of scripture that suggest that when we die we go to a “holding place” until the final judgment day.

Addendum: 20230323

Today, Dr. Taylor Marshall came out with a video explaining Enoch I (). As usual, he gives a rich presentation (29:56 minutes).

NEPHILIM in the Bible? Children of Demons? Expert explains GIANTS in Genesis and Book of Enoch

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