In most posts, I try and add some content of my own apart from the archival value of the segments that I use from other sources. It’s an educational and research extension, first for me and then for the viewer’s benefit. In this post I am simply providing content on exorcism without comment. I assume the viewer is comfortable with the subject and simply wants to learn more.

I’m including a lot of material for my own interest. You certainly don’t have to watch them all unless drawn to do so. There will undoubtedly be repeated content.

For the first video, Voices in Virtue Lectures: Fr. Chad Ripperger — Demonology Function & Psychology, the creator has disabled embedding for copyright reasons. To watch it, simply click the link (1:43:13 minutes). Fr. Chad Ripperger discusses the psychology of angels and particularly demons. An understanding of the latter is essential for successful exorcists.

In the next video (53:57 minutes), Fr. Vincent Lampert discusses exorcism with examples from his many years of experience in casting out demons.

An Exorcist Reveals the Truth About Demons w/ Fr. Vincent Lampert

Next, I’m going to present four videos of a series, again with Fr. Chad Ripperger. They run respectively, 32:58, 27:29, 35:03, and 37:21 minutes.

Exorcisms: what Catholics need to know w/ Fr. Chad Ripperger | Chris Stefanick Show
The Psychology of the Demonic w/ Fr. Chad Ripperger | Chris Stefanick Show
What does an exorcist do in his spare time? w/ Fr. Chad Ripperger | Chris Stefanick Show
Why the Devil Hates (and Fears) Mary w/Fr. Chad Ripperger | Chris Stefanick Show

For additional questions on demons, possession, and exorcism with Fr. Chad Ripperger, consult this list of interviews by Dr. Taylor Marshall.

Articles in This Series

Refer to the series index in A New Direction.


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