In 2020 I became familiar with the coverage of COVID by Dr. Paul Cottrell. He became a prolific video creator. He produced a number if videos with journalist George Webb. In several they discussed the early research on SARS-CoV-2 done in the lab of Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill.

Later, I wanted to publish his findings but could not find a concise set of reference videos so I abandoned the idea although I did not forget it. Then he was interviewed by Mike Adams on the topic. It is early work that is critical because all accounts since have stopped with the later Chinese development at Wuhan.

Understandably, this is where the US wants to leave it since zoonotic theories of the virus’ development have all been discredited. The US does nor want attention drawn to its ongoing bio-weapons research and development.

Here’s the video, Nightmare Talk Ep68 (Development arc of SARS) by Dr. Paul Cottrell (57:05 minutes).

Really, this should be called the US/CCP virus. In the video, Paul also discusses the induction of certain caners by the vaccine, another topic not officially recognized.

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