A year or two ago I finally realized that the control of the world by the highest elites was so extensive and that the use of technology so advanced that complete control was not only possible but near at hand. There is nothing that either you or I can do to stop it. I also realized that at the highest level it was a war between good and evil.

At that point I simply gave it up to God and began preparing for a spiritual battle. My early work on the battle between good and evil is found in the series index in A New Direction.

Material that I am collecting along the way along with my developing understanding is organized in this new series. This page will be the page of contents for the series and will be updated regularly.

The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) seems to have the greatest development of material on the whole spiritual realm. As a result, I use their material extensively. Key doctrinal issues that I have or am struggling with I discus in different articles. I also use scripture as a primary and inviolate source of instruction.

The Spiritual Realm

This topic includes discussion on the nature of the heavenly realm and the spiritual beings inhabiting it – the angels and other members of the heavenly hierarchy of spiritual beings.

Issues with Salvation

This is the topic that should be the primary concern to every human being. In my own struggles to understand it it as fully as I can, several points have come up and are discussed in articles in the next list.

The Problems of Prayer

Prayer is perhaps the most problematic aspect of a spiritual life. Christians are often exhorted to pray for ____. You fill in the blanks. However, we are never told how to pray and exactly what to pray for. The reason seems to be that prayer is taken for granted. In this sections I will add articles that enhance understanding of prayer and meditation from the Christian perspective. The RCC has the most developed instruction around prayer and I will use catholic sources mostly.

Marian Apparitions

Many non-Catholics have a problem with what they term “Mary Worship”. I an not a Catholic but I have no such problem, praying the rosary in a limited fashion. The Catholic Church takes such apparitions seriously, rigorously investigating their claims. Approval is granted in a formal recognition only to those that pass. I think there are not that many.

I find them to be a wonderful source of information on the spiritual climate of our times. Prophetic warnings should be taken most seriously as they are given for our benefit.

Another category of apparition is that of personal revelation. These are not accorded the same prominence by the church as the officially recognized or approved apparitions.

Approved Apparitions

The following list is of those that I have studied to some degree. There are certainly prominent ones like Fatima that I haven’t processed yet but will add later.

False Apparitions

These are apparitions that either the Church or myself have found problems with and consider not to be from divine authority.

Personal Revelation and Prophecies

The greatest source of problem I believe occurs when a person mixes information that is not divinely inspired such as news items or information on developments in some field of study, with an environment of prayer or meditation. Another problem area is that of people who issue “prophetic words” almost daily like a box of fortune cookies.

For what is presented as a revelation or prophecy, it is necessary to discern firstly if it is divinely inspired and secondly whether it is personal guidance or a word for a wider audience. There are many individuals known as mystics, seers or prophets that are sources of such material.

Notes on the End Times

Many across all denominations believe that we are very much in the End Times. Here are articles that I am creating on this topic.

Other Series on Spirituality

The other series of articles that I have published can be found at A New Direction.


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