I haven’t published updates for a while because progress in the war has been incrementally slow against the the Ukraine until yesterday. Bakhmut officially fell yesterday as WEEB Union reports (10:09 minutes):


During this period of non-reporting, the West has continued to escalate the war with Britain sending long range cruise missiles as an example. NATO has upped the anti by beginning the inclusion of Ukraine into NATO: Ukraine Officially Joins NATO Cyber Defense Center, Inching Toward Full Membership. NATO documents require a member to be a democracy but we’ll pretend not to notice in Ukraine’s case.

Britain has sent depleted uranium munitions to the Ukraine and there is intensified discussion of sending F16s also. LC Tony Shaffer says it takes a year to train a pilot but in a year, the war will be over and Ukraine may not exist (again). The US continues to pour in billions.

Russia has increased air attacks in the last 2 weeks, notably taking out a major munitions storage site as well as two patriot missile batteries. With Bakhmut down, the Russians may be starting a new offensive while the highly publicized Ukrainian offensive is no where to be seen.

Zelenski’s strategy seems to be to drag this war out while claiming to be doing well as long as badly needed Western support continues to be provided. Since he can skim a bit off every contribution, the longer he can drag this out, the richer he can become before having to flee to his estate in Miami.

What’s Next?

The Russian’s are clearly winning despite what Western propaganda would have you believe. They have geared up for at least another two years of war if necessary. They understand that their adversary is NATO and particularly the US neocons. They have understood from early on that the Ukrainians are being used as pawns in a proxy war that has the stated destruction of Russia as its goal.

From before the Special Military Operation began, Russia and Putin had made it clear that Russian security was an existential requirement and that several red lines had been crossed over the years. Most recently the acceptable conditions for termination of the war have been the withdrawal of NATO bases from neighbours and a demilitarized, de-Nazified, neutral Ukraine. Russia stands ready to manage the future of the Ukraine but NATO remains the part they can’t presently control.

The Ukrainian army has been mostly destroyed. Increasingly, NATO is becoming more directly involved with personnel out of uniform or as contractors and mercenaries. Ukraine cannot win or even continue the war much longer despite foreign support. Russia will end the war when and at what point its objectives are best met. Continued escalation by NATO with more lethal and longer range nweapons only means that any demilitarize zone created has to be that much larger.

NATO As the War’s Next Proxy

There will be the point, likely later this year, when the American neocons will have to go all in and launch a full scale WWIII or go home and crawl under a rock. If the former, NATO, especially the eastern members will become the next proxies in their war to crush Russia. And expansion of this sort will require a nuclear component. As long as Russian vital industrial and population targets are within easy range of NATO missiles, to level the playing field, similar targets in the US and Britain will be in play.

Unfortunately, the US has given no indication that it is ready to back down.

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