The bible does not have a lot to say about angels, both those residing in heaven and those who were kicked out and are called demons, with Satan their leader. The exorcists of the RCC have a disciplined approach to exorcism which has resulted in the understanding of demons in general and specific demons including Satan, in particular.

A lot of what we know about the heavenly angels which I will simply call the ‘angels’ (excluding demons) comes from personal experience of rare individuals who either could see them or who had developed some means of conversing. For example, St. John Bosco understood his guardian angel to be present in the form of a grey dog.

Guardian angels are a particular class of angels created by God with the assigned task of helping individual souls find their way to salvation through Jesus Christ. Every soul has a personal angel assigned at birth and there are others for towns and countries. At conception, the soul has the protection of the mother’s guardian angel.

I will include here a number of videos, most relatively short, of stories of encounters for you, dear reader, to peruse at your leisure.

Introduction to Guardian Angels

The following short video is a good introduction to the topic (9:50 minutes).

Do you Know your Guardian Angel – Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts134

Fr. Chad Ripperger whom we view a lot has lectured on guardian angels (1:06:04 minute).

Here is more commentary on the angels (54:41 minutes):

The Hidden Ministry of Guardian Angels- Fr. Ambrose Criste at the Napa Institute Summer Conference

I’ll ad another video (15:57 minutes) in case you are interested in them.

Guardian Angels (2 October)

The Guardian Angel of St. Padre Pio

Padre Pio had a very close conversational relationship with his Guardian angel and many stories arise from this relationship. A number follow. Here’s a pair (11:42 and 21:22 minutes):

True Stories about Padre Pio and His Guardian Angel | Part 1
The Guardian Angel And Saint Padre Pio | Part 2

We need to learn how to create a useful relationship with our guardian angel. Our angel can’t help us if we work against it. Here’s some advice (7:47 minutes):

PADRE PIO: Do This To Your Guardian Angels Today | Spiritual Warfare

The Guardian Angels of Others

St. Faustina Kowalska wrote about guardian angels (10:34 minutes):

Invoking The Guardian Angel | By Saint Faustina Kowalska

Many other saints spoke of their angels (32:4 MINUTE):

Experiences Of The Saints With Their Guardian Angels

Articles in This Series

Refer to the series index in Notes on a Spiritual Journey.


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