I have covered it all in several articles. Those flagged with an * in the reference list linked at the bottom below cover it in bits and pieces. There is more background reference material given but the overview is contained in this interview of Jeffrey Sachs by Judge Andrew Napolitano (31:52 minutes):

Ukraine War History – Why it was a Predictable Bloodbath w/Jeffrey Sachs

Another excellent source that I have used is that of Prof. John Mearsheimer. Looking back I see that YouTube censorship has deleted some of the referenced videos. However, John has his own channel where you can find what he published. To this end, here is his latest video (23:46 minutes):

John Mearsheimer – Large Forces on Ukraine’s Border

Other Key Sources

In the past I have used two sources that publish daily updates of the current fighting in the Ukraine. They in turn use multiple other sources which they use to create a position that is as non-partisan and accurate as they can achieve. These are Weeb Union and Military Summary.

Finally, here is the channel for Patrick Lancaster who reports from the Ukraine directly, primarily from the Donbas. From him you get regular videos both of front line fighting and life in Donetsk where the Ukraine is continuing the targeting of civilian targets that they began in 2014.

Both sides are using drones very heavily in the conflict. The next video is of a Russian drone attack team (Ukraine has the equivalent forces) (10:52 minutes):

With Russian Frontline Kamikaze drone Team As They Destroy Ukrainian Tanks (Special Report)

This is 21st century warfare using little more than a child’s toy to destroy a Ukrainian armoured vehicle! This video will tell you more about what is going on in the front-lines than any article you are likely to read. Military Summary channel shows both Russian and Ukrainian videos of drone attacks daily.

A Late News Item

The 2014 Maidan coup in the Ukraine which threw out the democratically-elected Russian-leaning president was precipitated by a false flag event that saw dozens of protesters gunned down. The event was blamed on government forces but never fully investigated. Here’s an article that just surfaced today on a key player in the event: Ukraine’s ‘Biggest Arms Supplier’ Orchestrated 2014 Maidan Massacre, Witnesses Say.

Also read Jeffrey Sachs: NATO Expansion & Ukraine’s Destruction.

Articles In This Series

Refer to the series index in The WWIII Chronicles.


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