It has been said (i.e. I can’t find the reference) that empires last about 250 years on the average. As the American Empire enters its final days of decay, the emerging empire to replace it will be Chinese. Prof. John Mearsheimer, whose grasp of geopolitics is second to none I find, has published the following video on his YouTube channel.

Update: 20240121. John appears to have been booted off of YouTube since I wrote the original note, Apparently it hit too close to home.

The two videos that I had posted were taken from this longer interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano. I’m substituting the entire interview (38:16 minutes).

John Mearsheimer – Strategies and Challenges

In this video, when asked, he gives the rationale for a containment policy towards China. This is probably the best current policy for an empire which is near its end with it’s likely successor emerging and growing stronger daily.

I’ve used many videos with John before, simply because he has the deepest understanding of issues like the Ukraine. He strips away political propaganda which colours our current understanding of things as presented by authorities and the media.


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