I have recently become interested in Orthodoxy as a possible purer form of Christianity than Roman Catholicism. I like the fact that the Orthodox church does not modernize like the RC church.

These prophecies are different than the RC prophecies that I have covered. The former are much more immediate and specific than the RC prophecies making them easy to validate and if accurate, much more useful.

Introduction to Orthodox Prophecies.

In my early research I came across the following video (4:50 minutes):

Prophecy: When Israel Hits Iran’s Nuclear Facilities…

Here is a link to the longer version of the video which I cannot embed, at InfoWars.

Key points:

  • Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Around this time, Erdogan of Turkey will lose office. These events will mark the start of greater conflict.
  • Turkey will drift towards the West and will attack Greece over a longstanding territorial dispute.
  • The NWO will use the war as an excuse to get Turkey to close the Bosporus Straight, land-locking the Russian Black Sea Fleet and its access to its only warm-water ports.
  • Like the events created by the US to force Japan into WWII, Russia will have to attack Turkey.
  • The war will last 6 months and Russia will be successful. The 6-month war will also involve NATO.
  • Turkey will ultimately be divided among Greece, the Kurds, and Armenia.
  • There will follow a 6-month stalemate after which WWIII will start in earnest.
  • China will enter with Russia and the war will be nuclear.
  • A separate prophecy for the USA in this period is that of civil war and massive Tsunamis flooding the East and West coast cities. [note: Russia has 100 megaton torpedoes which will create these tsunamis when detonated.]
  • The NWO wants nuclear war. [Note that eugenics and a massive reduction of the global population have been part of the NWO plans for a long time.]
  • We are in the end times but not in the last days.
  • After the world war, there will be peace and a restoration of the Christian church that will last decades.

Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou

In the video, Metropolitan Neophytos is described as a person who has been compiling Orthodox prophecies. An initial search revealed no documents or inline sources that directly provide access to such. One reason may be that he writes in Greek and not English.

In the following video (subtitles) (9:23 minutes), he notes that in the coming world war, “America, Europe and Turkey will be destroyed”.

The Saints Are Upset! // Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou – Discussing The NWO

He says that Christ will intervene separating those who will lead the world in restoration and those who will be removed. Elder Ephraim, referred to in the video,, in his last words before falling asleep, forecast a second crisis after COVID which will take many (Metropolitan Neophytos and a Last Word From Elder Ephraim).

In the following video (8:31 minutes) he forecasts an intervention of Christ before the Second coming, to help his followers.

Christ Will Intervene! // Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou – Discussing Saint Paisios’ Prophecies

Here is a list of some sources of Orthodox literature that might contain some of his materiel.

Additional Prophecies

Here are links to additional prophecies with a short note:

  • Father Elpidios prophecy.The false prophet will become an anti-pope. All world leaders will follow him. He will introduce a chip to be implanted in all people that will control their minds and emotions. Events are described around this chip leading up to the Antichrist.
  • Monk Gennadios prophecy at the end of the 19th century. A small state will cause the final world war. Constantinople will be devastated. The Turks will attack but Greece will be victorious. Another country will help. Many details around the war. Greece will get Constantinople.
  • The Prophecy of St. Anatole the Younger. Heretics will take over the church. Aspects of the induced changes are identified. The text of the prophecy is given.

Jonathan Cahn on the Mideast Today

Jonathan Cahn published a new video (35:00 minutes) just before I am wrapping this article up. Although its description of the current event between Israel and Iran is more the mainstream political description rather than what my informed sources interpret it to be, his metaphysical description is what is important.

The Persian Mystery: Israel, Iran, & The End Times! | Jonathan Cahn Prophetic

A major demonic entity, a fallen angel, is moving the world towards WWIII.

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