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This category is broad. It covers topics like climate, earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, and the earth’s magnetic field and magnetosphere, all of which are connected.

The intention is to include graphical data sources so that the viewer can get current data on a range of subjects. Data based on observation trumps speculation and the output of models.

Since space weather and solar events including coronal mass ejections (CME), solar flares, and the sun’s effect on earth’s geomagnetic and geoelectric fields have a major direct effect on climate, I will include solar events and space weather in this category.

Fault Lines

Although there are geophysical features of the earth’s crust known as fault lines, our concern is a more figurative interpretation. That is the geophysical events that pose a significant threat to some parts of the planet. We include climate not because there are any significant risks from rising CO2 levels or temperature but quite the opposite.

I’ve Got Your Back

I’m monitoring these situations daily. Your back is my back. The most immediate threats are solar weather events. The warning tome that we have for these is hours to two or three days.

We are getting better at volcanic activity prediction and large earthquakes. I do not monitor this activity, not living in a seismically active region, but you might if you live on the Ring of Fire or such a place.

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