Last updated by The POOG on April 14, 2021.

This site examines critical issues that the author considers to be important, some existentially so. As such, errors and falsehoods are identified, illuminated and corrected or dismissed. The general approach is primarily evidence-based rather than opinion and emotion-based.

Issue content may be aggregated. Seemingly disparate issues are connected.  The viewpoint is that the world in all its aspects as we know it, forms a complex dynamic and adaptive system whose behaviour is cyclical rather than linear, and prone to chaotic transitions.

The site also collects items of personal reference and research of interest possibly only to the author.

The term ‘POOG’ is an macro for “pissed-off old guy”, encountered in the Ottawa Citizen around 2010-11. In searching its provenance I came across another definition which fits remarkably well:

The mightiest of all men. He fights ignorant darkness in the name of wisdom, truth, courage, and honor.

Urban Dictionary

The POOG, September, 2020.

As I write thid in February, 2024, I might distill my life’s goal as trying to bring truth and clarity to issues which are obscured, usually intentionally.


I considered an earlier prototype site called ‘The Early Warning System’. Some elements of it are incorporated in ‘Fault Lines’. Here is some of my thinking at that time:

We are acutely aware of the fact that on any theme, we are limited to small amounts of information. As well, such information may be false or carefully constructed to create a point of view: propaganda in other words. Also, the danger of confirmation bias is something that we are always cognizant of.

We generally ignore the mainstream media (MSM). They are early adopters and practitioners of the fake news meme. What they report is limited, late and treated in depth more thoroughly elsewhere. Well written articles with substance we will often provide links to rather than writing on the ideas ourselves since there are some very good writers out there.

We are still developing the structure and format of this site. One aspect that we want to implement is frequent short update reports on the various themes we cover. We would want to have a regular weekly report, say on Fridays, but with other reports more frequently within the week as circumstances require. We hope to implement an email notification system and will experiment with the weekly reports issued via YouTube.

The above is the news reporting aspect of TEWS. We are also contemplating for each theme, articles on what you can do to mitigate the impact of the risks. This will likely take the form of a subscription system later on to help pay for the service. An email or social media emergency warning system might also be found to be valuable.