Last updated by The POOG on September 13, 2020.

This is a page of links to sources that offer alternative viewpoints, research, communication and opportunity for association other than those found in the mainstream media (MSM). They also counter government propaganda and the opinion of individuals and groups that are bent on re-engineering our society.

I am trying to restrict entries to sources that I use or support in one way or another. There are no ‘accidental’ entries.

Alternative Media

The MSM, nationally, all read from the same script. In Canada, they are bought and paid for by the federal government and are the primary channel for government propaganda. The following sources – not just Canadian – give you the rest of the picture, and in some cases the whole picture.


These sources span a wide range of major issues.

Blogs, Websites and Channels of Individuals

The following people provide thoughtful discussion and interviews with individuals that are notoff the reservation.

Opposition Organizations

These are primarily Canadian organizations that are positioned in opposition to the mainstream, big government, big brother, statist, organizations and political parties.


These are sources that have a strong component on preparation for emergencies. This is a very large field that we don’t cover so if that”s all you’re interested in you’ll have to do your own research. The sources below cover a wide variety of topics, hence their inclusion in an open category section.

Where Sanity May Be Found

These are sources that I pay attention to when I come across material that appears from them. It fertilizes critical thinking.

Weird or Uncategorizable People

These individuals and sites are either too diverse to place in a single category or would be considered to be outside the bounds of our standard reality narratives.

Those That Have Been Taken Down

Conservative voices, especially those that are threats to the New Global Order in dome way, are being silenced.

Below is a list of those that I am aware of that have been banned by social media platrormds. A link to their independent sites, if known are provided.