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Renewable generation is the energy source touted by the ‘Climate Change’ lobby to save the planet. Unfortunately the difference between the hyperbole and the reality is irreconcilable as we will attempt to show herein.

The Indictment of Renewable Generation

The best overall review of renewable energy generation and its environmental impact is laid out in the following video by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs:

Wind turbine blades are not recyclable and end up in landfills[1]:


An important concept to grasp is ‘capacity factor’[2].


The cost to a renewable paradigm from the current conventional sources will be high, possibly as much as $15 trillion or more[4]. Attendant costs to the environment are not factored in.


Renewable technologies in many cases use natural elements such as lithium that are finite resources.[3] This implies rising costs as the easy eztractable deposits are exhausted. The environmental impact of the mining process can cause local problems – usually in someone else’s backyard.


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