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This topic touches on some of the techniques used to track your location.

Passive Tracking

Active Tracking

Here is one device that can be used to track you. You may asked to carry it voluntarily, An inducement to facilitate this is to connect it to a rewards program that is used to capture information from suckers.

Software can also actively track you. If you agree to Google Maps tracking your location, it will keep a log of everywhere you go in its “Timeline.”

Some U.S. police forces and criminal investigators are now using Google as a dragnet to hunt for suspects, and they have, on occasion, snared innocent parties.

Google also admits using your location data to show places complying with ‘stay-at-home’ requests.

Ways to Stop Being Tracked

  1. Turn off location sharing
  2. Turn off Bluetooth 
  3. Download a VPN

Things to Investigate

  1. google maps -> Timeline
  2. GSP
  3. COVID tracking apps