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The New World Order (NWO) is generally debunked as a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories in the early usage of the term go back more than a century. However, it is only in the modern era beginning in the 1950s that the term has taken on a pejorative connotation. As such it may be used as a psyop by parties wishing to discredit close scrutiny.

This topic, we will show, constitutes a conspiracy, but one minus the pejorative overtone. A better discription would be conspiracy fact.

An internet search of NWO found descriptions on sites that link it to biblical prophesy (read The New World Order – What is it? and What is the New World Order?). We are not interested here in the theological implications but a summary of its characteristics which include:

  • A single world government;
  • control in the hands of a small elite;
  • the abolition of nation states;
  • the abolition of state borders;
  • the replacement of sovereign authority by global compact;
  • the introduction of a global currency; and
  • the introduction of a global personal ID system that may include technological markings or implants.

The benefits touted are these ideals:

  • Eradication of war and political strife;
  • the eradication poverty;
  • the eradication of disease; and
  • the eradication of hunger.

The benefits in any practical sense are not achievable. In fact, the picture that we will put forward of the implementation of the NWO will show that the severity of all of these conditions is increasing. Further, this implementation is in a very advanced state and may be irreversible.

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