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The New World Order (NWO) is an idea that has often been dismissed as a conspiracy theory either in whole or in part. The idea has a strong presence in Christian doctrinal debate. Whether or not it remains a conspiracy, the current and future implementation is fact not theory. Aspects of it are shown Its current status is laid out in the following video.

NWO – The New Normal Documentary

One source attributes the idea of a NWO through the establishment of an organization, to Mayer Amschel Rothschild in 1773[1]. This organization founded in 1776, was the Order of the Illuminati. Their objectives were:

  • Abolition of all ordered governments
  • abolition of private property;
  • abolition of inheritance;
  • abolition of patriotism;
  • abolition of the family;
  • abolition of religion; and
  • creation of a world government.

An internet search of NWO found descriptions on sites that link it to biblical prophesy[3][4]. We are not interested here in the theological implications but a summary of its characteristics which include:

  • A single world government;
  • control in the hands of a small elite;
  • the abolition of nation states;
  • the abolition of state borders;
  • the replacement of sovereign authority by global compact;
  • the introduction of a global currency; and
  • the introduction of a global personal ID system that may include technological markings or implants.

The benefits touted are these ideals:

  • the promotion of equality and diversity;
  • the eradication of war and political strife;
  • the eradication poverty;
  • the eradication of disease; and
  • the eradication of hunger.

By examining the goals of the UN and the World Economic Forum elsewhere on this site, as well as the basic principles of communism, we will show that the creation of a NWO as envisioned by Mayer Rothschild is a work in progress with a world communist totalitarian state the goal.

Threats to the NWO

The two greatest threats are revolution and the awakening of the population to what is being done to them. The former may proceed from the latter.


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