Last updated by The POOG on January 26, 2021.

As of January 2021, apart from implementing a carbon tax, Canada is at the stage of setting up a bureaucracy and laying down requirements for setting targets, for creating plans to create action plan and frameworks, and for associated reporting requirements to meet the objectives of the UN Agendas.

The premise at the basis of all action and legislation is the fallacious concept of catastrophic anthropomorphic global warming, re-branded as ‘climate change’.

Climate Actions

The legislation supporting the government’s efforts are discussed below:

Bill C262[3] (December 11, 2020)

This is a bill amending the income Tax Act to create a benefit for companies that sequester carbon. An interesting aspect is that applies to photosynthesis without specify anything about organisms although algae are mentioned.

Bill C232[2] (November 19, 2020)

This is a short bill requiring the establishment of a framework to meet the emission targets of the Convention on Climate while requiting the consultation with indigenous peoples. It requires the consideration of “indigenous science and knowledge, in relation to the environment“. Finally, it requires “a transition towards a green economy“. It also sets up reporting requirements.

Bill C12[1] (February 26, 2021)

This is a bill requiring government ministries to prepare a set of plans for each of the years 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, and 2050, setting emission reduction targets for each. The reports will have detailed measures and strategies laid out to active the targets. Reporting requirements are established. An advisory board is set up.

This bill specifies only one target, net-zero by 2050, and no measures to attain it.


The following is a list of the relevant legislation:

  1. BILL C-12: An Act respecting transparency and accountability in Canada’s efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. Gov. of Can. FIRST READING, February 26, 2020. PDF.
  2. BILL C-232: An Act respecting a Climate Emergency Action Framework. Gov. of Can. FIRST READING, November 19, 2020. PDF.
  3. BILL C-262: An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (capture and utilization or storage of greenhouse gases). Gov. of Can. FIRST READING, December 11, 2020. PDF.