Last updated by The POOG on January 26, 2021.

This page is devoted to the topic of solutions to the dystopian world that is in advanced stages of being imposed on us. If you haven’t reached this point in your thinking by now, I suggest you read no further. It is a topic that is not open for discussion any more. It is time to move beyond debate towards action.

I started this website less than 7 months ago. The goal was to understand what the forces were that were shaping our world. I have explored many facets of them – the players, the strategies, the big picture. It barely scratches the surface. Even more personal knowledge and discovery has not been incorporated into this site.

In the last month, a number of sources that I follow as well as my own thinking have reached the point where it is time to cease being reactive and start being proactive. It’s time to work out survival strategies. It’s time to craft solutions. This page starts the process for us.

Exiting the Squirrel Cage

The first step to recover your self is to exit the squirrel cage that you are running in by taking stock of yourself. Just about everything that engages your attention these days is designed to ensnare you and distract you from what is really going on. Trump? – a distraction. The ‘siege’ of the Capitol? a false flag event. A stolen election? – get over it and move on – fast.

Emotional Assessment

Observing and then managing your emotions is a powerful way to get out of the race. Fear and anger are powerful emotions. They will lead to your destruction in the battle in progress unless you conquer them. Lesser emotions like discomfort and uncertainty can reduce you to inaction.

The first step is to identify the basis for each instance of these emotions. Strategies to unpower them are necessary. I haven’t begun to think about these yet but you surely can.


Start making a list of things that engage your attention. Our lives are filled with such things. In this case we want to pick the big ones. Find the things that cause you grief. Ask yourself questions such as “Is it a productive preoccupation?” “Can I be effective in dealing with it?” “Is it an exercise in futility?”

The aim is to identify those things that engage us in ways that are non-productive or counter-productive, and avoid them in the future.

Event Authors

Begin to try and determine the authors, the originators and key players in events that engage you. ‘Follow the money’ always works.