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It is an important aspect of the NWO for centralized control of the food supply. Multinational agribusiness will play an important role in this. The technology driven aspect of the Great Reset will be used to disenfranchise small farmers and create an agriculture that is highly mechanized and dominated by agrichemicals and agrigenetics. Colin Todhunter describes this dystopian future for agriculture[1].

The Green Revolution and Other Reforms

The term describes a revolution in agriculture in the Third World using genetically modified seeds with application of agrichemicals to enhance growth and food production[1]. To remain competitive, farmers were forced to adopt these practices, binding them to agribusiness.

Today (January 2021!, Indian farmers are engaged in a massive protest against the policies of a government trying to establish centralized control over their activity[3][4].

Patenting All Lifeforms

The issue is laid out in this video by David Dubyne:

Industrial Protein

Part of the UN agenda is to move away from animal protein from traditional farming practices. The move is towards the industrial production of simulated meat through vat culture and novel techniques such as 3-D printing[5]. Another is the cultivation of high-protein insects.

Scaled up to large industrial plants, the move will help destroy the small farmer.


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